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The Queensland Strawberry Industry supplies Australia with luscious strawberries through Winter and into Spring (May to October), also contributing to the Summer production of berries from the Stanthorpe growing region. With around 100 growers across the state, the Queensland Strawberry Industry supplies the most luscious, delicious and nutritious strawberries year round.

Eating eight strawberries a day has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve memory and heart health.


Strawberries add joy to any day… that’s why we love them! Learn about our history and our journey to bring these tasty sweets to your lives!


Find a farm to pick your own delicious strawberries, or buy them freshly picked direct from the farm gate.



RECIPE | Strawberry & Lime Sorbet

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Recipe kindly submitted by Rachel Amanatidis




5 mins

5 mins

1 cup cold water
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 lime (peeled)
2 Punnets fresh strawberries

Simply whisk in blender for a few minutes until strawberries and lime are blended. Add cold water slowly until right consistency… serve immediately and keep remainder in freezer.
NOTES: You can’t get easier than this delicious recipe for a freshening vegan sorbet perfect for the summer months


The Annual Strawberry Festival

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The Annual Strawberry Festival is ripe for the picking with the 3rd Annual Strawberry Festival being held Saturday 19th August.

Celebrate one of the biggest farming industries in Queensland. With 40% of Queensland strawberries coming from the Moreton Bay Region we have a great reason to celebrate the delicious and nutritious fruit. Read More

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