Membership of the QSGA is open to all commercial strawberry producers (ordinary members) and businesses/individuals who service and support the strawberry industry (associate members).

Ordinary Membership – $165 (Growers only)

Not only does your membership fee contribute to promoting the industry and supporting the operations of the Industry Development Officer, but as a member you have the added value of the following:

  • The opportunity to vote on key issues at the general meetings (grower members only)
  • The ability to be heard and have a direct influence on the direction of the industry
  • Direct access to an organisation that aims to continually improve the communication network and distribution of relevant information to members
  • A united community of growers and businesses associated with the industry that can work towards common goals and has a strong, combined voice when lobbying government and market leaders to help ensure the success of all businesses within the strawberry industry.

Fully paid up membership also entitles growers to use the barcode of the Association. A “paid in full” tax invoice will be posted to you upon receipt of your membership fee which will authorise your printer to proceed with the printing of labels.

Associate Membership – $220 (Associated businesses) or $150 (Individuals)

  • Associate memberships are open to individuals, businesses and enterprises which service and support the strawberry industry. Benefits include:
  • Invitations to QSGA events held throughout the year
  • Listing and link on Qld Strawberries website
  • Regular advertising, promotional and sponsorship opportunities, with priority over non-member businesses.
  • Automatic subscription to Simply Red Newsletter, with one free half page ad per year.
  • Opportunities to distribute product/service information via the QSGA direct to strawberry growers where appropriate.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Rowling on 0438 752 177 or email [email protected]