Queensland supplies the winter production of strawberries for Australia, with the season running from May to October each year. Queensland now also supplies a quantity of summer production, with strawberries being grown from October to May in the Stanthorpe region.

There are approximately 80 strawberry growers in Queensland, covering over 300 hectares of land. The majority of growers are located in the Caboolture region, north of Brisbane and up to the Sunshine Coast. Bundaberg is also a growing region for strawberry production.

Strawberries are grown in most states in Australia. Year-round availability is made possible through the different regions.

For the year ending June 2019, across Strawberries nationally:

  • 76,604t was produced with 7% sent to be processed, predominantly in preserves.
  • The value of production was $392.4m while the wholesale value of the fresh supply was $434.2m.
  • 72% of Australian households purchased fresh strawberries, buying an average of 400g per shopping trip.
  • The supply per capita was 2.7kg, based on the volume supplied.

In the financial year 2018/19, Queensland produced 42% of the totalĀ  strawberry volume or 32,174t.

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